The Walking Dead Season 6: The Good, The Bad, and the Disaster

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The Walking Dead again says a contemporary goodbye to the audience. In the meantime, let's take a look back at what the series have achieved, what they have not done well, and what they should have not happened.


More action scenes: In the recent seasons, many people have got the feeling that The Walking Dead is stepping out of the action-horror genre, and instead, there is just too much characters' introspection which needs solving. Luckily, season 6 has made a change with a lot of tension as well as spectacular stunts.

Zombies Everywhere: Since the very beginning, Gale Anne Hurd and Robert Kirkman affirmed that the zombies would be only No.2 threatening factor, and the No.1 is humans. But in this season, all seemed to change when the main reason causing the disaster is an numerous number of zombies heading to Alexandria.

Micro-series of Fear the Walking Dead: After each episode of The Walking Dead being broadcasted, there is a separate part of Fear the Walking Dead Flight 462 about zombies on plane with the duration of less than 1 minute. The part is really short, but many people even anticipate it more than the movie.


Complicated Storyline: In the beginning, the show only had a couple of stories happening at once, but as the group grew larger the story lines began breaking off into so many paths that it was near impossible to follow them all – and this problem has essentially taken over season 6 of The Walking Dead.

The Main Characters' Absence: After the first 5 seasons, the most favorite characters seem to be Carol, Daryl and Abraham. However, in season 6, they don't have a lot of chance to be on the screen.

No Certain Purpose: Normally, in each season, there is a specific target for the whole group to aim to, and it will become the movie's storyline. For examples: Season 1 - heading to CDC in Atlanta, Season 2 - Looking for Carol's daughter, maintaining order of the farm, Season 3 - Preventing Governor, Season 4 - Searching for Terminus and taking Eugene to D.C., Season 5 - Finding Beth and heading to Alexandria. However, in this season, there is no goal for the team.


Glenn's Death: Glenn is one of the most important characters of the series. Therefore, his death will become tedious if no one knows about it. And the audience can not accept the way the movie tries to convince them that fan-favorite character Glenn had perished. The show took one of its best characters, one that fans have watched develop for six years, and literally threw him under a dumpster as a red herring. That’s ridiculous in every sense of the word.

Worthless, Mopping Characters: Instead of focusing on a small number of remarkable characters, The Walking Dead tries to prove that everyone should have a chance to show up, so they torture the audience by the continuously appearance of worthless and mopping characters: Eastman, Nicholas, Annie, Scott, David, Heath, Ron, Enid, etc, wow, such a long list. 

Despite certain improvements, we can surely affirm that The Walking Dead Season 6 is not a groundbreaking one, or even match with the previous seasons when they concentrate just too much on psychological problems of the characters, as well as unneccessaries. However, the second half promises to be hotter than ever when the world's "nightmare" is finally revealed: Negan.

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