Overwhelmed by Extraordinary Superpower of Apocalypse

Posted 2016/03/18 3652 0

“He is like a god, and he has returned.” – Apocalypse, the strongest enemy that Professor X and his clan have ever fought, processes extraordinary superpowers feared by other mutants.

Apocalypse is the first mutant in the history with the power as great as god, the knowledge of 10,000 years of Earth and immortality. In the comic original, he was a mysterious infant, left in the unforgiving desert of ancient Egypt around 3000 BC. He was rescued by Baal of the Sandstormers and named En Sabah Nur, “The First One”.

Nur grew up with an increasing power and hatred toward other members of his nomadic clan. The murder of his beloved foster father by Pharaoh Rama-Tut is the start of the villain and the dark future for all humanity. 

In the trailer, Apocalypse’s past is revealed as being a young handsome boy - En Sabah Nur - was ‘magically’ transformed by a mysterious group. The group still remains unknown and how they transform a normal boy into a grey-skinned mutant with extreme superpower.

There are many old faces appear in the trailer, including: Horsemen clan: Magneto, Storm, Psylocke and Archangel under Magneto; next is young mutant group under Professor X: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Havok, Quicksilver…and one could not be missed is Mystique.   

They all process great impressive superpower, however, the most extraordinary of all is Apocalypse: he can just lift his hand, and everything is lifted and destroyed. Even Magneto has to admit: “Apocalypse will take everything from them”, and Apocalypse himself wants to take down everything. With the support of the Horsemen, the evil plan to destroy all human beings seems to be indestructible.  

The trailer shows the amassed imbalance of powers between Professor X’s clan and Apocalypse’s, how can the team of young mutants led by Raven and Professor X stop their greatest enemies and save mankind from complete destruction? This will be revealed when X-men: Apocalypse is set for release on May 27, 2016.