Legend: Tom Hardy Co-stars with Himself

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There's a British expression, "all mouth and no trousers," which means someone who talks a great game but can't actually deliver on his boasts. It's an apt way to describe Legend. In a cinematographic work without lots of outstanding factors, Tom Hardy's performance is the reason to remain the audience's attention until the last minute. The charismatic Hardy does a fantastic job playing both roles: handsome tough guy Reggie and psychopath tear-away Ronnie, the gangster twins who rose from boxing careers cut short by trouble with the law to become, briefly, almost-respectable businessmen. Using violence to get what they want, they start to leave their mark on the London underworld in the 1960s. Their fall, one way or another, was inevitable, but in Legend the slow collapse of their empire is laid largely at Ronnie’s feet initially, thanks to his psychopathic tendencies and erratic behavior. The savvier Reggie can’t rein in his wayward younger brother without destroying him, in a symbiotic relationship that binds them together against the world.

Legend has succeeded in exploiting the relationship of Reggie and Frances as well as troublesome one between Reggie and Ronnie, which is needed to create necessary conflicts for the development of characters' psychology.

The pictures and sound are pretty good. East Lodon in 60's was beautifully recreated with stone paved roads, typical pubs, lively discotheques, colorful fashionable outfits or classic elegant suits. The soundtrack is some remarkable songs in 60's of Booker T & The Mg’s, Herman’s Hermits, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas.

And the most noticeable bright spot is Tom Hardy’s performance.  Tom Hardy successfully finds the similarities: they are identical twins, after all, and the differences in the two men. And thanks to his diversified acting, no one will get confused about the twin who look alike but have such different personalities.

So that sounds pretty interesting, yeah? Indeed, more than a few moments of Legend are engaging, but the film doesn’t really know where it’s going and, at over two hours in length, becomes an absolute slog in its back half. Tom Hardy is brilliant playing both of the Kray twins. But, unfortunately, Brian Helgeland's film doesn't have a script to match his performance.

Ultimately, there’s not enough within Legend to elevate it from other British crime films, despite the wealth of real-life drama to play with. By turning the period into a playground, it softens the horror of what really happened, and the tyranny of the Krays becomes diminished as a result. It’s a disappointingly shallow take on a fascinating period of time. The legend might live on but Legend certainly won’t.

If you love gangster films then definitely check out “Legend” and if you’re not a fan of the genre but love Tom Hardy, well then here you go. We currently have Legend on our website but unfortunately it is in CAM only. If you can’t wait, then give it a check, but if you can, we will be happy to update a better-quality version asap for you.

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