6 Secrets about X-Men Series Not Many People Know

Posted 2016/06/14 5077 0

There are many surprising secrets about the series that you can't know if you are not a die-hard fan!


In recent days, X-men craze has become the hottest topic on the Internet. On this occasion, let's take a look at 6 interesting secrets about the series that you have been in love with for 16 years.


1. Hugh Jackman Was Not The First Choice

Referring to Wolverine, fans can not help capturing Hugh Jackman in their mind. However, not many know his iconic role initially was offered to Dougray Scott. Dougray was all set to play the moody, metal-clawed, mutton-chopped superhero in the first X-men movie until shooting on his other film, Mission Impossible 2, was delayed, forcing the handsome Fife actor to pull out.


2.  Fantastic Four Appeared in the second installment of X-Men

In X-2: United, the scene where Mystique accesses to Yuriko's computer, many viewers have noticed a number of confidential documents about the Marvel characters. These include Gambit, Mister Sinister, Omega Red, etc and even Franklin Richard of "Fantastic Four".


3. Nightcrawler and Gambit Were Scheduled to Appear in the Third Installment

Despite playing important roles in the second film, the mutant capable of teleportation Alan Cummings is completely neglected in the next sequel X-Men: The Last Stand released in 2006. In fact, the character initially appeared in the third film, however, Cummings was insisted on turning down the part due to two reasons: the character has too little room in the film and he himself was unable to withstand the thick makeup. Nightcrawler's absence was explained in the game based on the film named X-men: The Official Game.

Initially Gambit was planned to appear as a mutant rival of Rogue in the third film. However, the role was cut at the last minute. Not until X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), he got the chance to appear again (played by Taylor Kitsch).


4. How Does X-Men: First Class Differ From The Comics?

Completely different from the film X-men: First Class (2011), the comics of the same name has a different team of mutants, of which the first group of Professor X includes  Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Angel and Beast.

The segment at the end of the film was originally scheduled to end with the spectacular battle between Charles Xavier and Emma Frost. The fierce battle excited the filmmakers pretty much. However, after the release of Inception, Fox cut down the segment due to the similarities between the two films.


5. Wolverine and the Japanese Culture

In the film X-men: Day of Future Past, just a few people notice that Wolverine's apartment is decorated with many items related to his trip to Japan earlier, including Samurai swords and a photo of Mount Fuji, the symbol of Japan. Moreover, the colors of red and yellow remind us of Wolverine's costume in the comics in 1980.


6. Copyrights and Two Quicksilver-s

Due to the fierce competition between Marvel and Fox, the two super speed mutant sharing the same name of Quicksilver have totally different identities. No bright future as Fox's character does, Quicksilver in Avenger 2 is not Magneto's son and his death is also ridiculous.